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Branding for Energy Bar - 'UPbar'

Research & Design
Branding for Energy Bar - 'UPbar'


This is a Branding project in which I designed the logo, product, packaging and simple App interface for an energy bar company, the 'UPbar'.

About UPbar

Sick of working or studying at night while on the verge of falling asleep?
Look no further, UPbar is the new player in town.

With an aim to provide not only rich flavours but a healthier alternative to supply the ultimate boost of energy, UPbar is determined to fulfill every night owl or last-minute procrastinator’s dream. Weather you are a busy working individual or a university/ college students, UPbar will surely satisfy your energy needs in the a.m.

Our Statement

UPbar specializes in providing you with all the required nutrients to kick boost your energy late at night for better productivity and alertness.


This logo takes on a fun and youthful approach to the brand, utilizing bright colours as background for a punch of energy and excitement. The aesthetic is modern, organic and urban, emphasizing the essence of the brand.

Brand Personality & Essence
  • Energetic
  • Youthful
  • Urban
  • Trendy


The packaging follows a similar concept as the bars, designed with energy and youthfulness in mind. The box is covered with a muted black overwrap. The sides of the box from the inner layer is printed with the same bright colourful patterns from the bars. This juxtaposition of the contrasting colours and the muted vs bright surfaces allows the packaging to stand out.

Online Shop

A simple online shop designed for UPbar featuring a home page and a product details page.

Runner Ups

Below are a few runner up designs close to being chosen as the final logo for UPbar.