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Mobile App for Property Rental

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Mobile App for Property Rental


Cirrus is a rental platform designed to help individuals with busy schedules to find their perfect new apartment, sublet, or condo faster and more efficiently.

The Problem

While the majority of the rental apps display detailed pictures and information of the apartment itself, lack of transparency on the surroundings is a major pain point - e.g. what does the neighbouring structures look like and what are they used for? Are there any potential sources of heavy noise pollution around? The list goes on...

As a result of this lack of key information, users often have to make a constant switch of screens between the rental app and Google Maps, which significantly undermines the user experience and efficiency.

Project Goal

To design a solution that provides total transparency in an accessible, time efficient and user friendly approach for individuals looking for a new home in busy neighbourhoods. This app aims to provide users with clarity on all aspects of the rental information including a built-in street view navigation, allowing users to have a comprehensive understanding of not only what is inside a property but also its' surroundings.

Ideas to Action

I sketched different ideas and brainstormed various possibilities to determine the information hierarchy. The outcome was four distinct sections: home page, search(discovery), map listings. and street views.

Design System

A clean and minimalist approach is taken to resonate with the target user with the goal of optimized navigation.
For the design system - a comprehensive components library was built first that would later reflect in various parts of the app, i.e., colours, typefaces, typestyles etc. This also included icons, buttons, search bars and form elements.