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Wayfinding & Navigation in Venice

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Wayfinding & Navigation in Venice

Design Challenge

Venice is a tricky city for the tourists to navigate due to the meandering streets, canals and the random building numbers. Traditional methods such as paper maps, although fairly easy to access, lacks details and indication of where you are at a specific point in time. Digital maps on the other hand often does not work well in Venice due to the weakened GPS signals in its maze of narrow alleyways.

Design Solution

Step 1. Digital Navigation Board

Digital navigation boards to be placed at major tourist areas to assist in directions and routes planning. All boards are user-integrated displaying optimized routes to nearby popular attractions, along with a search bar at the top for specific locations.

Design Solution

Step 2. The Beacon System

Venice has trouble connecting to GPS and Google maps due to the lack of signals in its narrow streets and small alleyways; Beacons are a great alternative wayfinding solution as a replacement.